What is Init?

Init means initial, First process that starts at the boot time, the thing that happens on the most priority bases. We can’t skip initialization.


When initializing, we have certain options. These option decide what further will happen. Init in Unix has runlevels, each will lead to a different senario. Same way Init1 means initializing runlevel 1.

How many runlevels are there?

Majorly 7, From 0 to 6. Each having a meaning of its own.

0 – Halt – System Shutdown

1 – Single User – Repair / administrator task modes

2 – Multi User Mode – Its multi User without network

3 – Multi User Mode with Network – CLI mode / Normal operating

4 – User definable – Special purpose

5 – GUI Mode – Normal system with Graphical User Interface

6 – Reboot – Restarts the system

Why Init1?

It is the first thing we do when our system crashes. Its the first thing we do when we want to perform the repair.  Only one in control.



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